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Being Paranoid

I am curious. Personally I an not a big fan of yaoi due to my own reasons. But, since when did liking Yaoi become like a stereotype for females who like anime?

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God I am so short… OTL

Mieru Chibi’s

Mieru Chibi’s


Ii Naotora

"From this point onward is the era where girls will live strongly! Every man on this world, prepare yourselves!"

Everyone is a PC except for Shingen.

Only playable man is shingen?

I can live with that.  BRING ON THE BAD ASS LADIES!

#1-#10 of 50 one sentence theme challenge: Masamune X Oichi VER.

#1 – Comfort
For him comforting a woman was never a strong point of his yet, Masamune tried his best when it came to the sobbing woman he had found during that evening.

#02 – Kiss
Oichi was never very confident in her own abilities, she would do her best to please the one eyed lord of Oshu if only for the reward of feeling his lips against hers.

#03 – Soft
Seeing as she wore the same armour all the time Masamune felt the urge to slap himself for wondering if the skin that remained hidden was just as smooth as her thighs.

#04 – Pain
Having the dark haired woman praise him for keeping his promise cause Masamune to grit his teeth in pain for a reason he could not identify.

#05 – Potatoes
Somehow the image of Oichi, the Demon Queen, cooking some something so simple as Potatoes with the help of those dark hands of hers was something Masamune could not help chuckle at.

#06 – Rain
The heavy drops of rain were great to hide any tears that she shed yet Oichi could count on Masamune to not question her, too much any ways.

#07 – Chocolate
Oichi could not hold back her surprise when the one eyed teen accepted her honmei-choco, a month later however, she couldn’t help but feel mortified when Masamune returned the favour with white lingerie that he expected her to try on during the break time between classes.

#08 – Happiness
In all her years of living under the command of Nobunaga she had experienced her own brand of joy but the feeling she gained when treading along the grass to meet a certain one eyed man under a cherry blossom tree those lost familiarities could not compare.

#09 – Telephone
A almost feral growl can from the blue eyed male as he quickly broke the intense make out to look at the caller id before pressing ignore… Didn’t that damn Motochika not to call him while Ichi was over to help him ‘study’?

#10 – Ears
A shiver went down her spine as the warm breath of the man behind her  brushed against her ear, shifting slowly as to not wake the sleeping dragon she instead opted to lay her head on his chest. 


Gomen I actually like these two more than a lot of the SB pairings that are possibly canon

Please don’t kick me out of the fandom for liking this pairing. They are my ‘dream team’ when it comes down to playing SB3 by myself. (*/ω\*)

This contains some AU’s like Guaken Basara

Current WIPs

Current WIPs


you're pretty cute  (◕‿◕✿)

Damn I am not even in this fandom and I want to ship this hnnng 

♡ ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ 

Oichi Headcanons that I have tried to developed on my own ;v;


❀【.: Oichi’s full name is O-ichi no Kata. Her mother  was an unnamed concubine who said to have also given birth to several of her siblings. Her other names include Ichihime, Odani no Kata, and Hideko. She does respond to these other names but however does not speak of her full name. You have to be close to her to learn of her full name. She was younger she did adore her older brother Nobunaga as he cherished her and still holds him dear despite his actions. 

❀【.: Oichi is not the happiest person in the world. The young woman could be seen to be in a sullen state on the regular bases. She tends to find her existence to be a sin within itself. This is mostly because of her relations with Nobunaga and her failure for not stopping him. She does think of herself being dead. She is not very talkative either. She is quite happy with silence.  She would much rather suffer in silence than become a burden to someone. 

❀【.: After the battle of Honnō-ji, Oichi choose to let go of her memories of Nagamasa and anything else that she once held fond of. In turn she hoped to forget the pain of his death caused her and further prevent a repeat by forgetting about anyone else she knew who was living such as the Meada’s. She does however remember her brother, Nouhime, Ranmaru and Akeichi. Her mind and sanity because of this incident was the final straw. Her mind could not take strain and just snapped. Thus this caused her mind to revert into an almost childlike state. However, she does know of things such as love but, chooses not to speak of it. She does act and ask innocent questions quite a bit. As such in Oichi’s current state of mind she can be easily manipulated into doing awful things if it is worded right. She will do whatever it is even if she begins to lose herself during the process.  She is teetering on the edge of insanity. Oichi does hear voices. This most likely an effect of her powers but nonetheless she can. One of them is the voice of her dear brother Nobunaga.

❀【.: If one was to look more closely at Oichi they may see faded scars hidden under her armour. These scars are the old burns that she acquired after her 1st attempt to kill Nobunaga and burning building collapsed. She does hide these scars quite well as to prevent others from learning of her first trial and error attempt at killing him. This was first time that she had succumb to her powers after Nagamasa’s death and everything up to that point had only built up to first showdown between them.  

❀【.: Being able to control the darkness element it is obvious that she is weakened by light and over type of light.  While it does weakens her it also physically hurt her.  One type of light that hurts her quite a lot is fire.  

❀【.: Something else that she does is sing. To be honest she does actually sing quite a lot, perhaps more often one may think and even at some random times when she is alone or fighting. Most of the time the songs she does sing sound like nursery rhymes but with a very dark tone to them. On rare occasions she may sing something that is not of that tune such as ‘Nemure Hi no Hana’.

❀【.: Despite this fact, Oichi can be a kind and caring woman. She does try to help out anyone if she can to give her life purpose. I suppose you could say she would put her needs behind someone else’s in hopes of being of use. The fact that she does not have a dream to call as her own also plays a factor into this being she just wants to have a purpose, whatever it may be. 

❀【.: However, if you are to meet Oichi on the battle field she will truly live up to her name of Demon Queen. Her caring and sweet personality is all but no existent if you are her enemy. It is almost like she is possessed. Her mental state is somewhat corrupted when fighting especially when it comes to fight during the night. Now that she has nothing to hold her back Oichi is quite powerful with her element. If it is nurtured correctly it could most likely rival that of Nobunaga’s maybe even stronger. If she does ever succumbs to her dark powers after this point she could most likely plug the nation into darkness and truly become “The Demon Queen” 

❀【.: Once she chooses to do something nothing can change her mind. Oichi’s resolve is quite a force to be reckoned with. Thus trying to convert her beliefs or twist them is almost nearly impossible or just incredibly hard to persuade. One example to this is her belief that everything that occurred during when Nobunaga was alive had been her fault.

❀【.: Ieyasu is someone quite dear to her. He was one of the first people to actually show her kindness after the incident and tends to follow him around. She is quite willing to do anything for him.  She is quite fond of the man finding him to be nice to be around.  The same could be said about Mitsunari. She can relate with him being he has lost someone important to him just like her. She does not like to choose sides when it come to the two of them and tries to show both of them kindness.

❀【.: Oichi likes to pick flowers. Both in literally and figuratively sense. In the literal sense she does like to pick them especially red spider lilies. While many people do try to stay away and avoid these flowers the young woman however loves them. They are beautiful in her eyes. For the latter when she is on the battle field she enjoys the ‘pick flowers, as in defeat the enemies of whoever she is fighting for. She is also fascinated with birds and their feathers. Oichi likes the quite a lot and is envious of them for they have the ability to fly and she deems them to have more freedom then she will ever have.

❀【.: Her dark powers are now almost always around her being in the form of hands. Even when she is not fighting on the battlefield she can be seen with them. You could say it is because of in a way Oichi herself had become a hollow shell without her memories so the power filled it. She can rely on them. No matter what it is for, whether it is something as important as protection contrasting to something as simple as comfort.  You could say that they are an embodiment of Oichi’s feelings and fears of being alone. 

❀【.: Her previous weapon, the double bladed Naginata, is still in her possession.  However, she chooses not use it after Nagamasa’s death. Once she had recovered from the incident that had occurred at Honnō-ji for some reason she could not part with the weapon. When alone Oichi can be seen training with the bladed weapon. While she herself may not know why but it just seemed like something she shouldn’t toss to the side. 

❀【.: If Nobunaga ever returns to this world Oichi made a promise to herself. She would personally drag him back to the depth of hell. Even if it comes to her sacrificing her own life, Oichi will do anything to stop him. This way she can make sure that he never has a chance to touch the earth again and to rid the world of their sins. As she sees it Nobunaga’s sins that he has committed are also hers as well. You could say in a way she is not afraid of death if put into this situation. She is not afraid to die for those she cares for.

❀【.: Despite her slightly childish way of caring herself, Oichi is an intelligent and honourable woman.  She cares quite a lot about her clan as the last of it and tries to keep it alive other than that she is quite selfless. She is more prone to worry over the safety of others than her own. 
❀【.: While she is intelligent she can be influenced by others quite easily. For instances if she heard Yukimura refer to Shingen as Oyakata-sama, she would too as well at one point. Thus she will most likely call you by the title that she hears until told otherwise. 

❀【.: When it comes to her missing memories there are certain things that will cause her pain. For example, when she tries to remember what happened to Lady Nouhime or when she tries to remember Nagamasa she will feel a pain in her head. It is to prevent her from remember such events. However, for the latter the pain is more intense to the point that she will pass out.  It would be best not to speak about any of these people around her. 

❀【.: Surprisingly, Oichi is a heavy drinker. It will take you quite a few bottle of Sake to get her drunk. That is if you haven’t died from alcohol poisoning. However, if you do get her drunk…..Actually you do not want her to get completely smashed…. She seems to be the one who will end up dragging home whoever she went drinking with…

❀【.: She is intelligent and slightly taller than most woman of the age.  The fact she is taller than most women her age does make her feel slightly uncomfortable. Not only does it make feel isolated from most of the other woman but it makes her feel weird when she occasionally has to look down at men being traditional it would be the other way around.  Along with being tall she is dubbed to be one of the true beauties of the time era thus she has some admirers including Shibata Katsuie and Maeda Toshiie.  She does not seem to know what to do when complimented. This is because Ochi does not tend to get them in her current state. You could say that she herself does not see how beautiful she in as a person, both on the inside and the outside. While her self-confidence is low, Oichi is trying to become braver for her own sake. She does not to burden anyone anymore




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